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Mobile downloads using FuturLink technology

The match spectators could download to their mobile phones different contents of the National Team offered by the team sponsors.

The FuturLink technology provided free mobile downloads to the spectators of the farewell match of the Argentina National Soccer Team on Monday 24th May before their debut on the FIFA World Cup South-Africa 2010.

The contents were supplied by the official sponsors of the Argentinean team, Adidas and Swiss Medical Group, in a campaign in collaboration with World Eleven: three wallpapers by Adidas from their global campaign and an emotive video by Swiss Medical Group with the participation of Diego Armando Maradona, National Soccer Team Technical Director.

The match was celebrated at the River Plate Stadium in Buenos Aires and represented an event of the greatest magnitude and impact with a sports and entertainment show at the highest international level comparable to the NBA, the Formula 1, the Super Bowl or the Eurocup, transforming the National Team Day in a great party. Before the beginning of the match several music and sport performances were offered on the playing field. An exclusive event for VIPs was also organized at the brand new River Plate Museum.

With a fully packed arena, the stadium screens showed a call-to-action to activate the Bluetooth and to download content for free. Several Bluetooth download areas were created covering around 25000 spectators at the Belgrano and San Martin stands and at the Museum and VIP area. The FuturLink technology was deployed at strategic locations in the stadium (FuturLink AP400 and FuturLink AP300x).

The audience showed great interest on this innovative action and provided an excellent response: the results evidence an outstanding amount of 10000 downloads, representing a very high redemption rate.

Furthermore, the sponsors brand awareness was increased, sharing an engaging experience with the spectators and provoking Word-of-mouth and virality of the mobile contents.

“The tremendous results obtained predict a rapid growth of FuturLink Argentina strategy to establish Bluetooth download locations at different public spaces domestic and international”, according to Debora Bermudez, CEO FuturLink Argentina.

Asociace mobilního marketingu

Roku 2000 vzniká Wireless Advertising Association. Tato nekomeční asociace se základnou v New yorku roku 2003 rozšiřuje pole působnosti na evropský kontinent. Zároveň mění svůj název na Mobile Marketing Association.

Roku 2005 se zájem o mobilní marketing dostává do širšího povědomí severoamerických společností a asociace tak získává 20 stálých členů. Roku 2008 se asociace rozšířila i na australský kontinent.

V současnosti sdružuje na 700 členů působicích ve čtyřiceti zemích světa. Asociace se orientuje na většinu aspektů mobilního marketingu, kdy řeší otázky affiliate marketingu, mobilní komerce, mobilní reklamy a také proximity marketingu.

Pátým rokem vyhlašuje soutěž Global Marketing Mobile Award, představuje certifikační autoritu odborníků na mobilní marketing a pořádá mezinárodní summity a konference.

Dle dostupných informací, Česká republika nemá zastoupení v této asociaci.