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Co se také může stát v DOOH: ovládání digitálních billboardů

Píše se rok 2012, česká scéna s DOOH je v plném rozkvětu, nové plochy, nové formáty. I dnes se ale objevují nepříjemnosti v podobě nefukčních obrazovek, špatné kvality spotů nebo chybného vysílání. Nevěšme hlavu, nejsme v tom sami. I taková digitální velmoc jako je Anglie má své digitální faux pas:

If this were an isolated incident we could maybe forgive it but UK outdoor business PrimeSight really need to re-think their technology infrastructure and perhaps more importantly their technology people…

One of our regular ‘stringers’ (so we know this is real) was driving home Wednesday evening in London, around 17:30 and saw the PrimeSight digital billboard at Vauxhall Cross.

Someone had logged in via LogMeIn, and for the 10 minutes that our stringer was stuck in traffic the ‘tech’ staff were (obviously) busily fixing a problem with their software.

Folder structures including clients’ media files were checked as well as the configuration files for the signage itself AND all this was done in glorious view of everyone looking up at the screen!


Mobile downloads using FuturLink technology

The match spectators could download to their mobile phones different contents of the National Team offered by the team sponsors.

The FuturLink technology provided free mobile downloads to the spectators of the farewell match of the Argentina National Soccer Team on Monday 24th May before their debut on the FIFA World Cup South-Africa 2010.

The contents were supplied by the official sponsors of the Argentinean team, Adidas and Swiss Medical Group, in a campaign in collaboration with World Eleven: three wallpapers by Adidas from their global campaign and an emotive video by Swiss Medical Group with the participation of Diego Armando Maradona, National Soccer Team Technical Director.

The match was celebrated at the River Plate Stadium in Buenos Aires and represented an event of the greatest magnitude and impact with a sports and entertainment show at the highest international level comparable to the NBA, the Formula 1, the Super Bowl or the Eurocup, transforming the National Team Day in a great party. Before the beginning of the match several music and sport performances were offered on the playing field. An exclusive event for VIPs was also organized at the brand new River Plate Museum.

With a fully packed arena, the stadium screens showed a call-to-action to activate the Bluetooth and to download content for free. Several Bluetooth download areas were created covering around 25000 spectators at the Belgrano and San Martin stands and at the Museum and VIP area. The FuturLink technology was deployed at strategic locations in the stadium (FuturLink AP400 and FuturLink AP300x).

The audience showed great interest on this innovative action and provided an excellent response: the results evidence an outstanding amount of 10000 downloads, representing a very high redemption rate.

Furthermore, the sponsors brand awareness was increased, sharing an engaging experience with the spectators and provoking Word-of-mouth and virality of the mobile contents.

“The tremendous results obtained predict a rapid growth of FuturLink Argentina strategy to establish Bluetooth download locations at different public spaces domestic and international”, according to Debora Bermudez, CEO FuturLink Argentina.

Screen Media Expo 2010 is Back All Guns Blazing – Programme Updates and Speakers Announced

Screen Events Ltd today announced updates to the education programme and confirmed speakers for Screen Media Expo Europe, taking place at London’s Earls Court, 5-6 May 2010. Devised in partnership with the Imperative Group, the two-day free learning programme is in full swing with a stellar line-up of industry experts confirmed and only a few slots left to fill. Associated forums with Media Week, The Screen Forum and Strategy Institute are also taking shape as key topics and featured speakers are unveiled. Additional workshops on Digital Signage in Banking and Building Next Generation Retail Media Networks have also been added to the show floor. Register now for these events at

“We’re investing all our energies in to our 2010 education programme,” said Mark Pigou, Director, Screen Events Ltd. “It has been intelligently devised with three presentation channels running over the two days. Interested companies have been briefed to submit high quality, well deliberated presentations and we’re pleased to say that this is paying off. The industry recognises the need to step up and deliver more innovation, education and knowledge, to make presentations more interactive and engaging.”

The current list of fully confirmed speakers and their presentation topics is as follows:

Day 1 Channel 1: Screen Science

  • Title: The Dawn of Dynamic Retail: How Walmart upgraded its signage network and discovered the power of customer relevance
    • Presenter: Mike Hiatt, Former VP of Walmart Stores now Principal of Dynamic Retailing LLC
  • Title: What can digital signage networks do to grab a greater share of marketing budgets?
    • Presenter: Ivan Clark, Independent Media Advisor
  • Title: Tapping into the super niche: bigger isn’t necessarily better
    • Presenter: Gavin Anderson, Founder, Baby TV

Day 1 Channel 2: On Screen

  • Title: Designing and developing content for new technologies: Christie Digital Micro Titles
    • Presenter: Alex Hughes, Strategy Director, Amigo Digital

Day 1 Channel 3: Screen Feed

  • Title: This Advert Needs You
    • Presenter: Tim Harvey, Digital Signage Consultant, Dynamax Technologies Limited

Day 2 Channel 1: Futurology

  • Title: The future is now
    • Presenter: Stephen Randall, CEO, LocaModa

Day 2 Channel 2: The Smallest Screen

  • Title: TBA
    • Presenter: Kelly Moulton, VP Marketing and investor in

Day 2 DOOHExpo

  • Title: Why real ad dollars are not in DOOH yet: Obstacles to going mainstream
    • Presenter: Brian Dusho, CEO, BroadSign

Running on Day 2 alongside Screen Media Expo, Media Week’s DOOH Media Summit will adopt an international perspective on digital’s new frontier. Graham Thomas, former deputy chairman of Saatchi & Saatchi UK and Europe, will introduce the summit as chairman and case studies will be presented by Five, Virgin Trains and The North Face. Other presenting companies include Camelot, Digicom, OVAB Europe, JC Decaux Airport and Amscreen.’s DOOH blogger will chair a panel session on DOOH opportunities and threats with panellists from Posterscope, Clear Channel, The Sunday Times, OAA and Glue.

The Digital Signage Strategies Forum, produced by Strategy Institute, will also be held alongside Screen Media Expo on 4 and 5 May at Earls Court. The event will deliver eight case studies from UK, Switzerland, USA, Norway and Spain including the following speakers: Adam Lloyd of Ericsson Ltd, Bastien Schupp of Infiniti Europe, Fiona Alexander of University Hospital Birmingham NHS Trust and Kris Collins of University of Bedfordshire. To download the brochure, visit

The Screen Forum will be launching its ‘Green Screen’ programme at a special breakfast briefing held on Day 1 during Screen Media Expo. The event will feature speakers from leading companies in the sector that are championing advances across the digital signage sector to improve the industry’s green credentials. A set of sustainable guidelines – covering technology choices, measuring the media and the green alternative – will be agreed by the working group and published post event. These will allow the industry to seek best practice in providing the greatest media effectiveness for the least environmental impact.

Steven Platt of the Platt Retail Institute will be running a paid for workshop on the use and application of Digital Signage in Banking on the afternoon of Day 1. Specific details will follow shortly.

Furthermore, a new paid for workshop will be held on the morning of Day 2 entitled “Building the Next Generation Digital Signage Network for Retail”. Michael Hiatt and Bill McMullen will explain to delegates the most important attributes of a next generation retail media network and how they are being used at Walmart and other major retailers.

For further information about Screen Media Expo, DOOH Expo and associated conferences, summits and workshops, please contact

Screen Media Expo Europe 2010 Hosts Exclusive DOOH Expo

Screen Media Expo Europe returns for its fifth anniversary year with new dates, a new venue, an exclusive Digital out-of-Home (DOOH) show-within-a-show, and the most thought and discussion-provoking education programme devised yet. Taking place 5-6 May 2010 at London’s Earls Court, Screen Media Expo will be the focal point in the European and International digital signage and DOOH media calendar. BroadSign and Samsung are this year’s Screen Media Expo title sponsors with Intel and Scala as silver sponsors.

For the first time, Screen Media Expo will host DOOH Expo to provide advertisers, marketers and media owners with a tech-free networking marketplace. The dedicated show, sponsored by Grand Visual, will be the place to make connections with key players and see best practice examples of this effective advertising medium. Information on both events and online registration is available via and

“The enhanced, two-pronged expo approach is already attracting huge industry attention,” commented Mark Pigou, Director, Screen Events Ltd. “New exhibitors have signed up and many veterans have increased their investment showing positive signs of industry recovery and growth in 2010. Visitor volume is projected to reach 5,000 from over 70 countries, and we anticipate that over 130 exhibiting companies will be engaging and doing business on the show floor.”

In partnership with the Imperative Group, Screen Media Expo Europe 2010 will be home to an intelligently structured and detailed two-day learning programme consisting of three channels:

Day 1: Channel 1: Screen Science – The marketing, media and commercial value strand

Channel 2: On Screen – The content strategy, creation, delivery and development strand

Channel 3: Screen Feed – The mechanisms, operations, processes, products and services required to deliver and manage screen media networks

Day 2: Channel 1: Futureology – A practical look into the technologies, approaches and methods that will shape the screen media and OOH markets in the coming years

Channel 2: The Smallest Screen – The influence of mobile handsets, how they will change the game tomorrow and how we prepare

Channel 3: The Green Standard – This channel examines the long term ecological benefits of digital media and how to reconcile the benefit of pixels over paper

On 6 May, within DOOH Expo, the 2nd Annual European DOOH Media Summit will take place in association with Media Week. This year, the emphasis will be on international DOOH perspectives featuring lively case studies and presentations from leading brands, agencies, contractors and suppliers. Themes include: DOOH’s impact on integration of media, DOOH in 2009 and 2010 predictions, Buying DOOH, Promoting DOOH’s new frontiers and Creativity and DOOH.

A second major conference, the Digital Signage Strategies Forum, will run for half a day on 4 May and all day on 5 May in the conference centre above the show floor. Running in association with Strategy Institute and sponsored by Intel, the forum is aimed at digital signage users, integrators, suppliers, content producers and industry experts offering key knowledge on digital signage implementations and their immediate benefits. For details please visit:

In addition to the above, there will be adjoining show floor theatres, workshops and presentation suites where speakers will present targeted content on a range of themes and issues that are strategic to the industry and its continued growth. Further information will be released soon.

Canditv will also be part of the Screen Media Expo and DOOH Expo mix using their innovative mobile to screen technology to bring added value to show attendees and conference delegates, as well as to attract key brands, sponsors and stakeholders to the show.

To request more information or to express interest in speaking at one of the above programme channels, please contact

The outdoor totems – technologies and applications

Outdoor LCD totems

Digital signage industry is continuing with the fast growth and solution providers as well as end customers all over the world are constantly looking for new elements and untapped market possibilities. Current focus of industry is mostly in indoor installations such as retail and financial institutions as market have a proven a concept.

The outdoor totem

The outdoor totem – full HD LCD

Outdoor technologies

As a number of new digital signage markets are developing, it is possible to register increase in interest for outdoor installations. In past outdoor installations were based on big display LED technology, which has many advantages as well as minuses. Capability of functioning in rough outdoor environment without a problem is the main benefit. Who does not know images of London Trafalgar square, Las Vegas Strip or New York Times Square with huge LED displays effectively building brands of companies? As LED technology is great technology it is not useful at closer distances mainly because of two reasons, lower resolution and too high brightness which is not comfortable for passersby.

Some companies have sensed this “new need” for outdoor mid to close range communication and are offering to solution providers and end customers high resolution LCD display based products capable of protecting the system in rough outdoor environment. Main problems outdoor displays have to cope with are:

  • Outdoor environment with extreme temperatures, humidity and dust particles
  • Sun readability of displays
  • Vandalism activities

If products do not guarantee displays coping with above mentioned, they are not outdoor displays, but mostly vaste of money and effort. At Infinitus ltd. we have heard for number of bad cases, where customers installed custom made outdoor display systems never being capable of delivering this basic outdoor display traits.

Outdoor Applications

There is vast number of possible applications that can vary from interactive info points (city, tourist, corporate, exhibition, events, sport venue entrance info points, etc.) on one side and large scale DOOH networks with most complex content combinations with advertising purpose on other.

End customers looking to generate revenues from sales of DOOH advertising space, promotion of products and/or looking to share relevant information with target audiences should do their homework and try to find best fitting solution for their needs. As none of outdoor technologies is really proven (fulfilling full life time promise) it is hard at this point for end customers or solution providers to trust that this relatively expensive products will function as promised.

Same as with indoor digital signage installations, products can be used for:

  • Advertising activities
    • Generating additional revenues from advertising time
  • Promotional activities
    • Stimulating sales of products and services
  • Activities aimed to improve customer satisfaction
    • Informing and entertaining target audience
  • Or most suitable combination of all

So what is or should be in the mind of customer searching for reliable outdoor display system!?

Correct approach to outdoor

It is essential to use elements that will be able to cope with the purpose of intended digital signage installation as well as with all the obstacles of outdoor environment and specific micro locations within the same environment.

The outdoor totem, instalation in Brandnertal – iMotion® HD LCD display

The outdoor totem, instalation in Brandnertal – iMotion® full HD LCD display

When thinking about micro location customers should know what the temperature range is, how humid is the environment, what is the direction of screens in conjunction to sun, are the locations offering any protection to displays (e.g. roofs), and not to forget, what is the risk of vandalism activities.

Gathering this information should help the customer to decide about most fitting outdoor display products and decrease level of investment uncertainty. Generally speaking there is choice among 100% protected systems with IP 65 (water and dust particle proof) enclosures which are “full-outdoor” and on the other hand “semi-outdoor” systems which are based on heater/ventilation systems with enclosures not being hermetically closed but still presenting some level of protection from outdoor environment effects.

Integrated air condition units enable IP 65 enclosure systems. These types of enclosures are intended to protect display systems against extreme temperatures, temperature fluctuations, heavy rain and dust particles. In addition to basic purpose air condition unit keeps ideal environment for all enclosed components prolonging their life-time and MTBF (mean time between failures) as no dust or humidity can enter to electronics department. Not to mention system temperature is optimized for display performance as display panels does perform at certain temperature level.

Keep in mind that in certain cases it is not needed to have AC based units, but that is only in case if environment allows it. Extreme heat, large temperature fluctuation and high humidity are biggest worries for “semi-outdoor” display systems.

About Infinitus ltd.

Infinitus is EU based company specialized in production of all weather outdoor HD LCD digital information display totems. We are global pioneers in the development of all weather outdoor enclosure technology for LCD. Our products can present digital communication platform in any extreme outdoor environment including Scandinavian winter, Middle East heat or Malaysian humidity.

Infinitus in general provides:

  • iMotion® HD LCD display system portfolio (IP 65 certified enclosure) in a sophisticated urban-designed housing in landscape and portrait versions,
  • Free ControlMotion Basic software for management and surveillance of iMotion® functions;

Our competitive advantages derive from 4 years of experience with developing outdoor systems, use of highest quality elements and our proprietary split system Heating Ventilating Air Conditioning System (HVAC), which is the hearth of all iMotion® products. This enables us to have temperature operational range between -40°C and +55°C, which is the widest temperature range on the market.

Infinitus is currently creating/expanding distribution network and is therfore in search for reliable partners – digital signage solution providers. If interested in products or professional cooperation please contact us on or visit

Wikoohpedia – Pooh Or DOOH?

If it looks like it, feels like it and smells like it, then it probably is… well Wikoohpedia looks like it, feels like it, but somehow doesn’t quite smell like the real thing…. just yet anyway!

Available in English and Spanish, on the opening pages, it claims to be “the free, independent and neutral knowledge site of the Out-of-Home industry” AND yet elsewhere on the site we read “Wikoohpedia, the Out of Home knowledge site, is a Cuende Infometrics project to improve the knowledge of the Out of Home industry.”

The name ‘Wikoohpedia‘ is a portmanteau (a combination of portions of three words and their meanings) of the words wiki (a type of collaborative Web site), ooh (out of home of course) and encyclopedia.

The site says “Wikoohpedia is written collaboratively by volunteers from all around the world. Anyone with internet access can make changes to Wikoohpedia articles.” but I counted only 9 signed up contributors, with a clear leaning towards Spanish AND nothing about Digital Out of Home…so if anyone wants to change that, off you go – enjoy!

Zdroj: dailyDOOH

Interest Keeps Increasing in Rental Screens

Mobile screen on the truck

Mobile screen on the truck

In the Czech Republic there is great interest in mobile rental screens. Last year ´s football championship Euro 2008 inspired great demand for these devices and nearly every regional capital boasted of the large-scale projecting screen. Euro did not end too well for the Czech national representation but the demand for LED screens has not ceased since as for example music festivals, which are more and more numerous, increasingly sue them too. The demand is further supported by a number of summer promo events and other events.

How about the available technology? In the Czech Republic there are several active companies owning the mobile screens. There are two types of the screens available. Mobile screens on the chassis and modular mobile screens on a construction.

Mobile Screens on the Chassis

There are screens on passenger car trailers and truck trailers or semi-trailers. A clear advantage of this solution is the short time delay between the arrival of the vehicle train and launch of operation of the device. The trucks in addition usually have the director ´s office fixed to the trailer, which contributes to simplicity of the screen operation. The picture format is typically 4:3 or 16:9 (panoramic), which represents an advantage for standard video production.

Modular screen on support

Modular screen on support

Modular Screens on a Construction

their advantages include the modularity, which means that by putting together the basic blocks of the kit you can create even non-standard shapes and sizes. You need not confine yourselves to a rectangle, for the L-shape of the screen or the screen gates complete the unique light show. The screen also usually does no occupy so much space as the truck-mounted screen. The main disadvantages of modular screens include the time-consuming assembly and dismantling and the operation costs.

Nearly two thirds of the rental screens have been made in the Czech Republic. At present, in addition to sports events, they are often used for political meetings, or in the summer season for cultural events and music festivals. In winter they are often seen on the sports grounds as advertising screens.

The Best of Czech Screens:

the largest modular mobile screen in the Czech Republic has been the Imagine with the width of 15 mm and the size of 7.68 x 5.76 m and the area exceeding 44 m2.

The greatest number of mobile screens is installed every year on the occasion of the Grand Prix at the Brno race track.

Coffee in the Czech Republic – more than just beans for your buck

Drink machine with LCD adscreen

Drink machine with LCD adscreen

When I buy a coffee from a drinks machine I get the feeling that it takes an eternity till I feel the cup of hot coffee in my hand. I shall spare you a description of how I feel when the vending machine accepts my money but leaves me empty handed or when instead of coffee I get a cup full of turbid swill. Although these are possibly specialties in the Czech Republic.

Nonetheless, I was delighted when the company Dallmayer Kaffee made 200 coffee machines available with a waterproof 19” digital display last spring. These electronic machines are linked with a control computer and communicate with a control room through a Wi-Fi Internet connection.

Watching the screen whilst waiting for your coffee makes the wait far more pleasant even if you are only watching adverts as some of them are quite funny. The machines can be found in locations which have been selected based on the number of drinks sold there. I myself have bought one of these digital coffees at a fuel station and one in a shopping center. Further machines can be found in certain hospitals, governmental authorities, office buildings and other frequented places.

Apart from the fact that the screens provide waiting customers with amusement, they also give the advertiser accurate information on the recipient of the advert which can be deduced from the number of drinks served. By installing these advertising screens the operator has gained control over the amount of coffee mixture, sugar and water in the machines.

It would also be a good idea to introduce “tailor-made adverts” based on the type of coffee bought and thus the target group or it would also be possible to install touch screens offering entrainment and maybe discount coupons, in addition to their commercial uses. They could also be connected to your mobile to be used even more effectively.

This is possibly the future in the Czech Republic and hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for it!

By the end of the year there will be 800 of these coffee machines in the Czech Republic entertaining you whilst you wait for your coffee.